Our projects

  • Geological, geotechnical and structural studies along road E-79 (A3) in the section M1-Lyulin Motorway.
  • 1:500 geological, structural and geotechnical mapping in the Elatsite open pit.
  • 1:25,000 geological and structural mapping in the surroundings of the Elatsite mine and regional-scale investigations and tectonic interpretations.
  • Structural and engineering geology analysis in the Elatsite open pit.
  • Geological, mineralogical and geotechnical core logging, sampling, data analysis and interpretation and drill-core database development (Elatsite copper deposit).
  • Tectonic setting and structural control on the mineralisation of the Elatsite porphyry copper deposit.
  • Causes and mechanism of the gravitational rock-slope deformation of the 06 Nov. 2015 rock mass collapse in the Krushuna Waterfalls area.
  • Greenfield mineral exploration in three projects in the Tertiary arc in Kosovo and detailed follow-up geological, alteration and structural mapping and sampling in areas targeting possible porphyry and epithermal systems.
  • AMS and structural analysis of fault zones in mineralised systems.
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