• Conventional geological mapping (1:25,000 and 1:50,000), regional geology analysis.
  • 1:5000; 1:10,000; 1:25,000 greenfield and brownfield exploration mapping (lithology, alteration, structures, mineralisation) and preparation of GIS-geological maps and of 3D models.
  • 1:500 geological, structural and geotechnical mapping in open pit environment, road-cuts and escarpments, cliffs.
  • Civil Engineering projects – Geological, geotechnical and structural studies, geotechnical mapping, geotechnical core logging, geotechnical database development, slope stability analysis, interpretation and analysis of the causes and mechanisms of gravitational rock-slope deformation.
  • Trenching – planning, mapping, sampling and data analysis.
  • Drill hole programme planning, geological, mineralogical and geotechnical core logging, sampling, data analysis and interpretation, and drill-core database development.
  • Field sampling – soil sampling, stream sediment sampling, rock-chip sampling, geotechnical sampling, sampling for petrography, mineralogy and microstructural analyses, sampling for AMS analysis.
  • Petrography, mineralogy and microstructural analysis, interpretation of SWIR spectral data, interpretation of geochemical data.
  • Structural analysis in structurally controlled ore systems.
  • AMS and structural analysis of fault zones in mineralised systems.
  • Geological database development, GIS solutions, 3D modelling.
  • Lectures, specialised courses and field training.
  • Preparation of document sets for exploration license applications (Bulgaria).
  • Commodities: epithermal Au, porphyry Cu-Au-Mo, sediment hosted (deformed) Cu-Ag and Cu-Co, epithermal Pb-Zn-Ag, Li-pegmatites, skarns.
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