MGC provides a variety of field training and theory courses which will be helpful for people who would like to gain new skills and knowledge or to strengthen their expertise. Group or individual training courses will be designed and organized according to the geological background and interests of the participants.

Field training:

  • geological field work and sampling
  • conventional geological mapping
  • exploration mapping
  • structural mapping and structural analysis in all scales (regional to mine-scale)
  • geotechnical mapping and data analysis

Although field based, the training might also include theoretical modules (lectures and practical exercises).

Theory short courses:

  • introductory geology (geology 101)
  • mineralogy and economic geology
  • geological mapping
  • structural geology and structural analysis
  • regional geology
  • core logging and data interpretation
  • geotechnical analysis

Field and lab-work exercises can be included in the training..

We organize geological excursions, mountaineering and other outdoor activities for geo-enthusiasts of different age and occupation. The excursions also include a short introductory geology course (Geology-101).

If you have a specific training need that isn’t listed above please contact us (info{at} to discuss customized training for any of the services we specialize in.

Internship program

We know that gaining experience is invaluable and that’s why every year MGC offers an excellent learning and skill development opportunity for students. Our internship program is especially designed to give you hands-on work experience. We will help you to gain knowledge in geological and geotechnical mapping, drill core logging, data analysis and many other practical skills.

During this program the students will apply classroom knowledge to real-life scenarios, and build their resume.

Some of our current employees previously were part of the team as interns, so for those of you who have done their best, we might offer a permanent job.

Undergraduate internship candidates should have completed second year study in geology. Good computer skills and team-work experience are advantage.

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