Structural geology services:

Geological mapping and structural studies are standard and, importantly, techniques applied in exploration projects or larger scale terrain assessment for mineral deposit prospectivity and targeting. Structural geology investigations and data interpretations are critical for the mining industry form the initial stages of targets generation through the different exploration stages, but also during the mining operations and terrane rehabilitation activities. The structural control plays a major role in ore deposits formation. Therefore, understanding the structural position and tectonic evolution of ore bearing units is of particular interest. In areas with a complicated tectonic history, the structural studies on post-mineralisation tectonics may have a critical role for resources evaluation and modeling as well as for further mine expansion planning. Structural research is a key approach in many civil engineering projects.

Analyses we do apply

  • Kinematic analysis (both in brittle and ductile regime)
  • Geometry analysis (faults, shear zones and folds)
  • Paleostress analysis
  • AMS analysis (anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility)

What do we achieve applying structural geology approach?

  • Kinematic analysis of brittle failures and ductile shear zones
  • Geometry analysis of brittle and ductile structures including different in scale faults, shear zones and folds. All these are structures that can either control and host deposits or can later complicate the geometry of the ore bodies
  • Deciphering structure of polymetamorphic/polydeformed terrains in order to obtain valuable data about the ore forming processes, tectonic reactivation and relationships between different ore sources and mineralising events. On the other hand, such an approach will allow for defining new targets for further exploration
  • Defining new structural vectors to mineralization
  • Structural and geotechnical investigation for slope-stability assessments and surface deformation risk analysis
  • Regional scale tectonic studies and interpretations
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