Mapping services:

Our group has a strong background in geological mapping from regional to deposit scales. Our mapping and fieldwork experience covers terranes with different age, lithological features and tectonic or tectono-metamorphic evolution. We are prepared to undertake fieldwork and mapping campaigns for all types and scales of research or exploration projects.

Structural mapping, among other techniques, is a critical tool for understanding the formation and evolution of different mineralised systems and, therefore, it is a critical approach for greenfield targeting and exploration as well as for production mines development or expansion planning. Our structural geology experts have more than 30 years of combined experience of structural geology investigations (for more information, please see structural geology services).

Murgana consultants have a strong background in providing mine-scale geotechnical mapping services to the mineral deposit industry. Combined with the structural studies, the geotechnical mapping and data analysis have proven contribution in our past projects for surface deformation and slope-stability assessment, and hence, for mine operation and expansion planning. In our practice, where possible, the geotechnical mapping is supplemented by structural and geotechnical core-logging see core-logging services.

For the need of regional-scale assessment of mineral deposit prospectivity of large areas, or for other regional scale geological problems, we can suggest regional geology interpretations based on available maps, reports and published data and – when required – field based observations. By further conventional and cross-section geological and structural mapping of key-areas and by working in close collaboration with our clients, we can suggest target areas for mineral exploration projects.

Sampling campaigns can be, and usually are, carried out together with the different mapping projects. Analytical methods are selected according to the goals of the investigation.

The maps, cross-sections, models and interpretations, in accordance with the requirements of our clients, can be supplemented by digital database of all field and lab-based data. Comprehensive reports, explanatory texts and, if requested, presentations will accompany our mapping products.

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