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Assist. Prof. Kalin Naydenov, PhD                       

Kalin is an associate professor at the department of Geotectonics and Regional Geology at the Geological Institute, Bulg. Acad. Sc. He is a cofounder and partner of Murgana Geological Consulting Ltd. He is a structural geologist (PhD from Sofia University) with over 10 years research and exploration experience. He has worked in the Variscan and Alpine belts of SE Europe (Bulgaria, Kosovo) and the Pan-African Orogen in Southern Africa (Namibia, Botswana, Zambia). His main fields of expertise are in geological fieldwork, conventional and exploration mapping, structural analysis, structural studies on mineralised systems, regional geology. He has experience in metamorphic petrography and petrology, GIS, interpretation of remote sensing data and isotope geochronology.

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