Ayre Kirilova

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Mobile: +359 89 545 3722 ;

Mail: ayre.keskineva{at}murgana.org ; 

Ayre Kirilova, MSc                                                

Ayre joined MGC in May 2013 after graduating BSc in geology at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. In 2016 she defended a master thesis in structural geology. Her master thesis is: „Structural and AMS investigation of tectonic gouge from a single fault zone. Potential of magneto-structural approaches in kinematic analyses of tectonites”, studying the evolution of fault zone in the Elatsite porphyry copper deposit. She has good knowledge and experience in deposit-scale geological and geotechnical mapping, processing and interpretation of structural data for solving slope stability and surface deformation problems. Also, she is skilled in geological, structural and geotechnical core logging in oriented or non-oriented drill cores as well as in sampling procedures and samples preparation. Ayre has excellent writing skills and a background in comprising annual geological and geotechnical company reports.  


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