Drill-core logging services:

Drill-core logging, data analyses and interpretation services include collecting geological, mineralogical, structural and geotechnical data in oriented or non-oriented core, sampling, data processing and interpretation.

Lithological and mineralogical logging and data analysis:

  • petrography of the drilled intervals and correlation with available geological maps and/or 3-D geological models.
  • Characterisation of alteration style, type and intensity.
  • Ore mineralisations and associated gangue minerals description; distribution forms (veins, disseminations, deposited in caverns, etc.) and changes along the drilled intervals, as well as in the different lithologies; ore minerals distribution in relation to different host rock alteration styles.
  • Thin-section and polished-section studies and interpretations.

Structural and Geotechnical studies:

  • Parameters used for estimating rock-mass quality and strength (core recovery, rock quality designation, Q-value, RMR classification).
  • Rock-mass structural features data: wideness, position and orientation fracture zones (including morphology and pieces size); characterisation of fault zones;
  • Structural measurements in oriented or partially oriented cores (brittle and ductile structures, veins, lithological contacts, etc.) and structural analysis.

Photo documentation

Sampling and samples analyses:

  • Petrographical and mineralogical analyses.
  • Chemical analyses.
  • Rock physical-parameters analyses.
  • Structural analysis

Development of core logging database


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